Monday, November 3, 2008

A week in feminine dress - day 1

Daddy and Caleb are finally home and I can now use my daddy's computer.
I wanted to do a week in feminine dress to encourage
other ladies to dress femininely and modestly.
We live in an age where femininity and modesty is
looked down upon and scorned. The fashions demand that
one wear whatever it says to wear, even if it's the ugliest
thing ever. One time I was speaking to a friend and she
told me that the only reason she wore "crocks" was because
everybody else wore them. We must not let ourselves be blinded
by fashion and the sorry excuse of "everybody else wears it", we must
follow what the Bible teaches and what God wants us to wear.

~She makes coverings for herself; Her clothing
is fine linen and purple...
Strength and dignity are her clothing.~

For church on Sunday I wore a cashmere and wool
blend sweater that my mother found at a consignment store,

a cream ruffled skirt that I bought from some friends
which was an XL, so I had to pull the elastic to fit me,
And some brown high heels that Jessica gave me.

I wore my hair in a twist. I also wore my "Church'

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