Thursday, March 24, 2016

In the Simple Performance of Duty

In the simple performance of duty, 
he pinned on a badge, 
checked his gear with a practiced eye, 
and kissed his loved ones good-bye.

In the simple performance of duty, 
he reported for work, 
joked with his buddies at roll call, 
and made his last trip down the squad room hall. 

In the simple performance of duty, 
he answered the call
to help the helpless, to find the lost, 
no matter the danger or how great the cost.

In the simple performance of duty, 
he lay down his life, 
for those in peril he tried to save, 
our brave friend went to his grave.

In the simple performance of duty, 
we honor his deed, 
as we carry him to rest in a flag-draped casket, 
long after the world has forgotten, we shall never forget.

Never judge or regret what he did, in the simple performance of duty.

~Sgt. Oscar R. Thomason II

In honor of ALL our brave policemen and in memory of:
Officer Allen Lee Jacobs
April 23, 1987 - March 18, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Walk With Me

The other day while rummaging through my attic I came across a poem that my mother wrote for me on my 17th birthday.  At the time I didn't really appreciate it but now, reading it with a new perspective I see the love and desire that my godly mother has for me and for all her children. I thank God so much for bringing me and my family truly back together and helping us to strive to walk through life in unity and love. We all have our differences but God is teaching us how to forebear and seek to love each other and build each other up. So mom, this post is dedicated to you....I love you and am truly sorry for all the years I didn't walk with you....I thank God that it's never too late and I hope you know that I'm looking forward to walking with you now. 

Walk With Me
Lizet Franco
May 25, 2012

Some time has passed and I recall, 
In a melancholy way, 
The days when little hands held mine
As together we walked and the years went by
Lest those little hands might stray.

The little feet could not keep step
With my wider, faster pace
So I slowed it down a little bit
And together, we walked the race.

That race is life, the ins and outs, 
Of daily living here, 
Learning, striving, laughing, driving
Yet united - in God, the fear.

A season came when, by God's grace,
We were walking side by side, 
And sharing what was in the heart
Was naturally kept in stride.

But I'm a little slower now
My head is getting gray
And you are youthful, full of life
Running through the day

And still there's so much left to do, 
So much that's left unsaid, 
Won't you walk with me a bit
Before you walk ahead?

Won't you take my hand in yours
And slow your pace a mite?
So that, side by side again, 
We may sing and laugh and cry?

Can't we take the time to rest
And seek the Lord, to guide?
As life's choices lie abreast
Our face in His, to hide?

I love you ever dearly
From you I'll not walk away
But won't you walk with me, dear?
I'll not let you go astray. 

Dear readers, God has blessed each and every one of us with parents. Seek to walk with them, learn from them, love, respect and obey them.