Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving thanks for Thanksgiving

My family usually celebrates Thanksgiving 2 times a year.
The first time is at church the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Now if any of you have ever been to a hispanic potluck you'll know what I'm talking about when I say that they are the best, and if you haven't boy you don't know what your missing!!!

Rebbeca and Joseph enjoying the DELICIOUS food.

Andrea and Jasmine.


Enjoying food and fellowship.


Thank you to Katie, Abby and Anna who took all these pictures for me.

On Thursday we had a small family gathering as Camilo was out of town and Ethan was sick, therefore Stacey couldn't come. Mother and I cooked all morning and how rewarding it was. The food was sooooooooooooo good.
As Jared said last night: "I thank God for all the good food"

Franky and Abuelo looking at old pictures.

The pecan pie I made.

Hayden with his Abuelo.
Later in the evening aunt Chelin and crew came over to visit over pie and coffee.

Abuela and Viviana.

Jared and Franky.

As you see Christian brought along the poodle wig and boy did we have fun trying it on. everybody looked sooooo funny.
We really have sooooooooo much to be thankful for, God has blessed us richly.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My weekend in pictures (a few at least)

On Thursday my dear daddy left for the Dominican Republic on a 4 day trip. However we still managed to have a busy schedule. On Friday we went to the "Cow"stleburys (AKA= The Castleburys or Casseroles) house to spend the day, night and Saturday morning there.
I will warn you that Haviland took a lot of these pictures and she has the tendency to go just a little bit camera crazy.
The boys, paying more attention to their food than to the camera.

Victoria playing horse on a very crooked tree.

Sawyer, always happy.

Sayre raking up pine needles for our fort.

The finished product.

Making candles.

Listening intently.

Sayre dipping his glow lamp.

My glow lamp after I put on all the flowers.
We had delicious homemade pizza for dinner and watched the last 2 episodes of Cranford. It was sooooo relaxing.

Getting ready to go see the cows Saturday morning.

2 BIG cows.

Yet another BIG cow.

Enjoying the view from the trunk of the "Burb".

After lunch we headed back home to babysit my little (well, not so little) nephew Peyton.

Isn't he cute?
After babysitting we headed out to the turkey bowl at BJU.
Caleb's the 1st Franco to play in the championship and we were all very excited.

The Beta Gamma Delta Patriots entrance to the stadium.

Charging the field.

Preparing for the game.

The president(of BJU)arriving to present the game ball.

From the East to the West, #3 is the best!!!

Mother enjoying the game and spending time with her 2 big boys.

My handsome big brother.
I can hardly believe that he is already a freshman at the university. I miss him a lot at home though, he has always been here for me and now I'm the oldest at home. It's a LOT of responsibility.

Hailey, ready to go home.

Celebrating after their 4-1 win against the Basilean Eagles.

Pictures with the family.
Well, daddy's back home now and so the whole family is here.
~Thank you Castleburys for the wonderful time we spent at your house.~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A beautiful fall evening

~The candles are lit and emitting a nice warm glow through out the house.

In the kitchen the smell of freshly baked cookies permeates the air making ones mouth water.

The little baker sings along happily as Handel's Messiah plays softly in the background.

Another little girl waits patiently for the anticipated treat.

She dunks into a glass of cold, refreshing milk,

then takes a bite and savors it in her mouth,

and then she smiles for the picture. ~
~ Indeed it is a beautiful fall evening.~

Friday, November 6, 2009

Modest attire a la Christiana

All this week my mother and I attended the High School Festival at Bob Jones University as I was competing in piano, but due to the fact that they do not allow photography during the programs I was not able to take any pictures. However on the last day we ran into a good friend of ours, Christiana. We spent a delightful afternoon talking and then went and had dinner together.
While we were walking I noticed that Christiana had on a beautiful, long, flowing, swishy skirt along with a very pretty dark jean jacket. Now if I had seen that skirt hanging on the rack at a store I most likely would have past it by without another thought but seeing it on her and the way it flowed, my mother and I fell in love with it. Mother asked her where she got it and she told us that 2 weeks before, her mother had told her that she had seen a long modest skirt at T. J. Maxx on clearance. Christiana went to see it but thought it was very ugly, however she tried it on and seeing how flowing and long it was, she bought it. Well, anyway, to make a long story short, yesterday morning my dear daddy took us all to T.J.Maxx, and as Caleb works there and we could get 20% off the items we were purchasing, we went straight to the clearance aisle. My mother picked 3 skirts and I got 4 along with a sweater for mom and a dark jean jacket for me, because it's not everyday, as I told my "getting increasingly alarmed" father, that you find long, modest skirts at such a good price.

~Modest attire a la Christiana~
The store only had women's sizes so we bought a size medium for Haviland and I cut off the top 2 and 1/2 ruffles and made Victoria a little skirt out of it and then ran elastic through the bottom ruffles to make a skirt for Havi.
~The Franco ladies~
Thank you soooooo much Christiana for the wonderful afternoon we spent together and for sharing with us where you bought your skirt. Mother and I really enjoyed it.

~She makes coverings for herself; Her clothing is fine linen and purple.
Strength and dignity are her clothing,~
~Proverbs 31:22,25a~