Monday, June 23, 2008

A blast....or should I say splash?

On Friday my cousin and I "hosted" a big water party with a few
friends and relatives.
We decided to have a water balloon and water gun fight.
There was a grand total of 600 balloons and I
had the long task of filling them all (of course, some popped or had holes
so I only filled about 560-580). My aunt was so kind as to help me with the filling.
The party was supposed to start at 3:00 so, I went to my cousins house around
11:25 and started to fill balloons around 11:45 and was filling all
those balloons till 3:00!!!!
We filled a little kiddie pool PLUS my aunts bathtub all the way to the top with balloons.

This is what it looked like.
Everybody got there late so we didn't start till around 3:45.
We ate hot dogs, hamburgers and such and then the fun began.

The little kids had already started so the guns were everywhere.
The "teams" were sort of uneven because my cousin, Josue didn't
want to get wet!!!
It turned out that Caleb, Christian (my other cousin) and Edgardo (a friend from church)
were against me and Abigail (another cousin)
and of course, 3 boys against 2 girls is kind of uneven.

Even some of the adults started to throw balloons and shoot at each other.

We also had 2 water slides with soap all over them which made it
very hard to walk on.

We all enjoyed it immensely even though the balloons stung when they hit you.
After we had changed into dry clothes and had dessert (some of us)
the guys decided to engage in a video game battle. (one that didn't hurt so much)
It was funny to see how intent they were on the game.
We all left around 8:00 (after cleaning up some, of course.)
It was soooooo fun and I can't wait to do it again.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

God's amazing creation

For the past week my father, mother and I
have been going to walk early in the morning at
Furman University.
I have been able to see how great
our God really is.
I love being able to here the birds chirping and
see all the beautiful trees and flowers.

It is so amazing to see how wonderfully and intricately made
all the different animals are.

I enjoyed watching this mother swan with her
little baby swan.
Of course, one can always see how great God is
in the way He made each one of us.

I am so glad we have such a wonderful God.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy birthday (again)

Today is Victoria's 2nd birthday!!!!
It hardly seems possible, it seems like yesterday that all us kids were
being sent to the camper and then being called to see our
newest sibling. Haviland and I had the privilege of being the first ones to
dress her.

She has gotten into a LOT of trouble, but life wouldn't be the same without her.
I'm so thankful for her.
Happy birthday Victoria!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An antique looking desk and an inductive study Bible

With all my birthday money I bought a beautiful desk.

It is soooooo nice!!!!!

What I really like about is all the drawers and cabinets.

I have a place for my small letters.

A place for my stationery.

A place for my inks.

A place for my stickers.

A place for my scissors.A place for my pen nibs.

I also have a place for my Ipod nano that
my dear brother Caleb gave me for my birthday.

I decided to use the desk to show my inductive study Bible.
It is a method that induces you to study (hence the name inductive study Bible)
more deeply.

You look for key words and words that are repeated
over and over in the Bible and you mark them distinctly.
You have to think carefully to decide the chapter theme. I love it and look forward to
reading my Bible in the morning.

P.s sorry the pictures are not very clear. I am no photographer.

David's birthday

Yesterday was my little brother David's fourth birthday.
He is such a blessing to us and is fun to be around .

My older brother Camilo and his wife Jessica came over for
dinner, and we all played Taboo afterwards.
The cake was delicious and it was fun to watch David
opening his gifts.
Happy birthday David!!!
I love you!!!

White water rafting #2

Saturday my Father,Brother and I went white water rafting, it was so fun!!!
We left the church around 8:00am and drove for about 2 hours in
one of the church van's .

Me, my cousin Abigail and Debi.

Upon arriving at the Nantahala river, we all got our
life jackets and paddles.

We then had a short bus ride to the river and a little lesson
on how to paddle.
Well, then we got in our perspective boats and started paddling.
My boat had just started the ride when another boat of the church
goes past us soaking us on the way. We in turn were trying to
defend ourselves and forgot to watch where we were going
and I think we took a rock wrong. Well whatever it was, our captain fell
out of the boat into the current and accidentally flipped a kayaker over.
We (the rest of the crew) then tried to stop the boat so our captain
could get back on however, this is very hard to do when you are right
in the middle of the current.

This is my boat, in the front is Brandon,
in the 2nd row is Cecilia and Fernando (our boat captain)
in the 3rd Edgardo and me and finally my father.

Of course, not everyone had the good fortune of staying in the boat.

One of the church boats.

After the landing, bus ride back and wild race for the changing room,
we had lunch and a short challenge from my Dad.

On the bus ride back every one took a nap except me and the driver.

Over all it was a very fun, exciting trip and I would
definitely go again.