Monday, August 22, 2016

Life and Happenings

Well it has been awhile, hasn't it folks? I could try to come up with a good reason for my absence but the fact of the matter is that blogging simply hasn't been a top priority for me. This Summer was extremely eventful, and has been a stretching experience for me and for all those around me. 
Many of us are a year older since I posted last! (Im 21 now!!). We have suffered losses - 
My dear step  -grandfather passed away unexpectedly - We have enjoyed "additions" (Mainly getting Franky officially moved down here, getting to know him and the boys better, getting to know Liz better and getting to know Aaron and his family better), we have had sorrow and happiness, but through it all we have seen the tender hand of God molding us and making us more into His image. So all in all, I can say that it has been a good summer for us Francos. I can't say if I'll be blogging more but I would like to. Another school semester begins tomorrow, and I would love to share all the cooking I've been doing with you folks! However, if y'all would like to stay in touch you can add me via Instagram @shorty_bess95. I post there fairly regularly and can keep up with all my wonderful readers.  In the meantime here are a few pictures to highlight my summer. Do enjoy! 

Dressing up for the GRBC Mother's Day Tea

Mrs. Gardner, Jan-Calvary, Havi and I 

Pastor Gardner, Hannah, Jan-Calvary and Juliet

Us girls with Mother dear and our adopted sister, Kadian

Me on the first day of Summer School which was also my 21st birthday.

Meeting family from Ecuador who came for a visit

Making my first ever Ice Sculpture at school!

Having a retro Sunday with Haviland

And throwing Jared into the mix :)

Spending time with these lovable people

Making it to the top of Table Rock after a strenuous hike. 

I look completely wiped out was a LOOOOOONG hike, but so much fun!

Ministering through music with these wonderful kids. Love them all so much!

Having good ol' family time

Typical us!

Enjoying catching up with old friends at the Sprucepine Conference.

Working on my carpentry skills with Jared

Working on me lettering skills as well

Getting to spend time with a friend that I hadn't seen in 11 years!

Going to play mini golf for the first time on the last day of Summer school

Also going to my first professional soccer game in Charlotte

Spending time with this wonderful man

Celebrating Pastor Gardner's birthday with him and his family in Gatlinburg. 

And there are sooooooo many more. We've spent lots of time at the pool with all the nephews, my niece and siblings, we've had cookouts, and family dinners, and projects and countless other things. So I hope you enjoyed the small glimpse into my summer. Love you all!