Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!

Franco girls

Yours truly

Victoria Isabella


Franco men

All decked out for the holidays
As you can see I am having a BLAST with the new camera. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoy taking and posting them. Have a blessed day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friday and the trip

On Friday we all went to Best Buy where my dear daddy bought me a beautiful camera. And so I took LOTS of pictures but I shan't burden you with all of them and shall just share a few.

"Come on 'Pulgita', we have to try out this new camera" :)

Franky and Stacey and their beautiful family

All together

Pey-Pey and his auntie
We left Saturday morning around 5:15am and after sleeping a bit this is what I saw.

"The Heavens declare the glory of God...."
On the way to NJ mother dear had seen a sign for the Shenandoah Valley Skyline Drive and since mother isn't one to let opportunities for learning pass we went on it on the way home.

This was on the first overlook so you can imagine what it was like higher up. By the time we did get to the top we weren't feeling to great because of all the curves and the height. Daddy said all we needed was fresh air so he opened the window, the icy blast that swept in did help,
but I was afraid that now we would suffer of pneumonia, it was soooooooo COLD!!!

We finally arrived home around 7:30-8:00pm and thus ended our thanksgiving week I hope that all of y'all had a wonderful week as well.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving day

On Thanksgiving day we arose and ate bagels and doughnuts then slowly but surely started cooking our DELICIOUS Thanksgiving feast.

Ethan's doughnut :)
I got a kick watching him eat all the icing off then say " all done, I want another one"
After a bit something occurred that, to this "southern gal", was quite amazing.

It started to snow!!!
In November, on Thanksgiving day, I actually got to see snow!!! It really made the day extra special in my opinion.

Attempting to sled.
After running to get some groceries I started on the........ (drum roll please)

I made up this "recipe" and its really very easy.

Sauteing the apples in butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and a little salt.
That's really all there is to it, just pour into an unbaked pie crust and bake till golden.

Hot out of the oven

Our Thanksgiving dinner, which included: Turkey and gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese, Spoon Bread, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole and Rolls.

Playing after dinner

Ethan and I
Everything was sooooo nice and even though it seemed strange not being in my own kitchen, in my own house on Thanksgiving day, I can honestly say that this trip was well worth it.
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day as well.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving - day 2

Well yesterday, after a delicious breakfast of French Toast and Bacon, Mother and Stacey spent the day sewing curtains and daddy did several odd jobs around the house.

Kitchen curtains

Living room curtains

And playroom curtains
So while all of these curtains were getting made, I wandered around taking pictures and playing with my nephews.

Ohhhhhh soooooo cute!!!

Hayden having fun :)
After a little the children were tired of playing so we all sat down to color.

Coloring away

My little Pulga

My coloring sheet.
I hadn't colored in FOREVER so this was a lot of fun.
For dinner Stacey made a wonderful taco soup buuuuut I completely forgot to take a picture so sorry about that. Well that was my day in a nutshell, hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving - Day 1

Hello, hola, greetings and salutations!!!
Yesterday being the 1st day of our visit we slept in somewhat and then after our morning routine proceeded to make breakfast.

Mother and Stacey cooking

mmmmm potato, bacon and onion breakfast tacos with orange juice.
The chillens have enjoyed playing with their nephews soooooo much.

We spent the day in catching up and doing some sewing while the children played and played........ and played some more lol.

Playing "time to eat" with Ethan,
which in other words means stuff all the play food you can possibly find into Aunt Bethany's sweater;)

Peyton and Aunt Victoria

Playing soccer with Franky

Franky and Stacey

Hayden and Ethan digging

Hayden watching Aunt Haviland knit and read at the same time. (I'm not sure how she did that but she did)

He's not sure who we are yet, but Hayden and Ethan FINALLY know who I am :) Hayden calls me Aunt Bethany and Ethan calls me Auntie Bess when he remembers and when he doesn't he says "what's your name?"

Playing in the basement

Ethan and his Aunt (yours truly:))
And, just in case your mouth didn't water enough after seeing what we had for breakfast,
here is a picture of our dinner.

Steak, Ceviche and white rice!!!
And so after a nice, cozy day at "home" we all went to bed looking forward to the next day of our NJ vacation.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello from NJ!!!

Hello and greetings to all from the beautiful state of NJ.
We arrived around 6:30pm yesterday, safe and sound after a 12 hour even trip.
I hope to post pictures soon but shan't promise since I have to use my sister-in-law's computer, but I just wanted to let you all know where I was and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Well I hope y'all are having a wonderful day, I certainly am:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 years ago last Sunday

Close your eyes and look back to November 14th, 30 years ago. In my minds eye I see a beautiful young girl just turned 16 and a handsome young man of 19 (Alright your all probably saying "wait a minute your only 15 how can you look back 30 years?" I may not have seen these events but I've been told enough about them to be able to picture it).
They are standing together in the court house saying their marriage vows. Neither of them has any idea of what the future holds, the trials and conflicts, the separations, of 2 men who would knock at the door and share with the young man the gospel of Jesus Christ, the struggles as they surrender their lives to God, of being called to the ministry as Pastor of Iglesia Bautista de la Fe and finally many years later having a family of 8 with 8 grandchildren (3 boys, 1 girl, 3 in heaven and 1 on the way) and an amazing legacy that they can pass on without regret to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am number 4 of the 8 kids and I can whole-heartedly say that I am soooooooooooooooo thankful to the Lord for joining together these 2 wonderful people and through His amazing grace bringing them to His feet. Ask my parents any day and they will tell you without hesitation that it is a miracle that they did not end up divorced and with a broken family of only 2 or 3 children.
So on behalf of all of us kids, Congratulations Mom and Dad on your 30th anniversary!!!
Though we have each given ya'll a heap of trouble, we love you TONS!!! Nobody could ask for better, more Godly, more loving and more caring parents and thank you for teaching us right from wrong and keeping us all in line even when it hurt.

Love You!!! Hope you have 30 more wonderful years of God honoring marriage.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Godly Sister

Hello,this is Haviland again!!! My sister is the most loving sister on the earth. And she loves to have fun with her brothers and sister. But most of all she is a Christian and she loves the Lord and wants to obey him. I am doing this post to surprise her.

Victoria,and Bethany.

This pic was taken this year but Bethany did not have braces. Bethany has been such a good sister to me and to my family. and such a blessing to people in parts of the earth. She is such a blessing to me for if I am doing something wrong then she will tell me and tell me what the Lord tells us to do.
May the Lord bless you, Bethany .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A country holiday

What does one do when your nerves are worn to a frazzle? When it seems that the stress and anxiety, which has robbed you of your sleep, will kill you? Where can one go for rest and comfort and just plain living ? The answer is Happydale Country Inn!!! The best place for resting your poor weary bones, not to mention wholesome adventure!!! When you are out in the country you are able to do SOOOOOOOO many things that you can't do out in the city such as.........

Going hunting!!!

Besides hunting I was able to cross a high log bridge (over a creek)(SCARY!!!), drive a manual 4-wheeler(FUN!!!) and TONS of other 1sts that really made my stay special.

After sitting in the woods for 2 hours in the COLD!!!

Playing castle with Sayre

Haviland found a new friend in Tristan and it was quite funny to watch them talking as Tristan
was teasing Havi about the scarf that she was knitting for daddy. Over all our 2 day stay in the country was simply delightful!!! Thank you soooooooo much Casseroles for the wonderful time we spent with ya'll.