Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two cowboys eating breakfast

This morning Jared and David got up, dressed, and came to the kitchen for breakfast.
Mother and I thought they looked soooooo cute with their cowboy hats on and decided to take a pic. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A recap on the last month

I can hardly believe that it has really been a month since my last post,
time really flies. Well, let me give y'all a recap on this past month.

July 12-19~ We all enjoy a week spending time with daddy and Caleb.
July 20-22~ We attend a conference in Douglasville, GA.
July 25~ We enjoy some wonderful fellowship with a couple of families from church
while swimming at their house. (I was excited because I was able to use my new swim suit that I made.)
July 27-August 1~ We attend a conference in Walkertown, NC.
August 3~ We celebrate my great grandmother's 95th birthday!!!
August 4~ Camilo and Jessica celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary.
David succumbs to an awful virus.
August 5~ The virus spreads and Jared gets it.
August 6~ Haviland falls ill.
August 7~ I get sick:(
August 8~ The illness passes on to Caleb.
August 9~ I feel a lot better and go to church in the evening.
August 10~ I fall ill again and Victoria also succumbs.
All the other children feel much better.
August 12~ I recover in time to attend the special revival meetings that
start Wednesday evening at our church.
And of course ever so much more in between