Thursday, November 6, 2008

A week in feminine dress - day 7

Today is the last day in my week in feminine dress,
but I would like to say that my mother, sisters, and I always dress like this.

We are going to attend a baby shower today so I am wearing a
black and white checkered skirt that my mother made.

To go with it I wore an eyelet blouse.

I wore my black shoes and a special clip headband.
I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into modest, feminine dress.


Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Good Evening,
I found your blog at "A Country Maiden's Lane." I have enjoyed so much reading about you and your family and your love of the Lord.
My goodness, it does my heart good to know there are lovely teenagers like you in the world. Why is it we only hear of the wild ones?
You are so articulate for a 13 year old. I'm quite sure that is due to your homeschooling.
I am a mother of two grown daughters and 8 grandkids. They and my husband are the lights of my life. My two daughters are godly women and we're so proud of them. They both homeschool as they were homeschooled too.
I hope you don't mind an "elder" woman (sister in Christ)reading your blog but you remind me so much of my youngest daughter Carrie.
Your wardrobe for the week was delightful to see. I wish you could blog everyday because your life is a witness to our Lord. I will still check everyday and wait with bated breath for your latest blog.
God Bless You,
Miss Lila

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Miss Lila,
Thank you so much for stopping to read my blog!!! I am happy that "older women" ,as you put it, visit my blog, it is so encouraging. I wish I could blog more often as well but we'll see perhaps God will provide a way to have a computer that will actually download my pictures so I won't have to use my Dads laptop.

Thanks again, In Christ,

Sarah said...

I enjoyed it, Bethany! Thank you for sharing! :)