Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All about May

We have had a chock full weekend and I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures.
Friday= The first swimming/getting wet spree of the summer.

Enjoying the sprinkler.

Even Shiloh joined in the fun.
Saturday=A mother-daughter tea at church.

Franky sent mother the roses all the way from NJ!!!
She was thrilled!!!

Enjoying delicious food and fellowship with friends and family.
Saturday afternoon= Taking fun, normal and crazy pictures with Friends.

Lizzie, Esp and Bess

It may not be very ladylike to climb trees, but boy did we have fun.

Thinking and talking.

Springtime bliss = Swinging with a friend.

Pictures on the swing set.

Best friends

After taking soooo many pictures we just had to lie down and rest.
Sunday=Mother's day and church.


Me, Damaris, Elizabeth and Esperanza

Me and my handsome cousin, Cristian

Me, myself and I

The children love having a swing set in their back yard.

Sunny days, big smiles, spring joys.

Havi, after I did her hair.

For mother's day we invited Abuela and Pablo for lunch.

Mother and Abuela, opening their gifts.

Victoria was thrilled that I had curled her hair.

Auntie Victoria holding Hailey bug.

She did not want a picture.

Abuela, Aunt Chelin and Uncle Gonzalo

Now for mother's day I would like to share a poem that My mother wrote and that has been a great blessing to me.

~ Someday~

Someday I shall have
A house, oh so clean
Where all is in order
And my soul rests at ease

I shan't have to follow after
Picking up the dolls
Little toys and clothing
Legos, shoes and balls

There won't be so much noise
I'll read a book at peace
Without a single interruption
In concentration complete

I shall sleep the whole night through
Without a single one to call me
To complain of some pain
Or to climb in to my bed

I will not have to look
Under the little beds
And withe trembling, see
To what the Ants may lead

Someday I shall not have
My clothes all wrinkled an mussed
Because they climbed upon me
And made over me such a fuss

I will not be able to hear
The sound of little feet
Coming for the third time
To give me a loving kiss

O Lord hold back the time!!!
And help me to appreciate
The souls You've given me
To treasure and to love

I do not want comfort
If they are not with me
They are my gift, my inheritance
My company, my song

Thank you Father for my home
With it's joyous noise
For my wrinkled clothing
For my children oh dear Lord!
~Lizet Franco~
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The delights of May

Align Center
Warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies.
Cool, refreshing milk.
Beautiful roses.
These are a few of my favorite things.

Do you have any favorite things about May?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cute things

Sometimes we go through life in such a hurry that we miss out on all the cute things that God sends to us daily.

My beautiful "Pulga"
( which means "little flea" in English.
I'm not sure why we started calling her that but she likes it .)

My reading companion

ummm Cheesecake!!!

Ashley and Victoria


Trying to tune Caleb's guitar

I hope you all take time to look for all the cute things that
God has sent to us today.