Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Till then...

For those of you who check my blog regularly
I will not be posting again till next week as I know that I will
be very busy with Thanksgiving and such.
I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun family pictures

After posting faithfully for a week
(my dad had his computer here almost all week!!!)
I wasn't able to post for a while, but I have now found the
time to blog and shall do so. I wanted to share some funny
family pics with ya'll, I hope you enjoy.

Oh brother!!!


A pretty common sight.

Who's bubble is it?

A "mommy" moment.


I like this crib better than mine.

Dressed up, like a bug.

Not very lady-like.

If you happen to notice that almost all of these
pictures are of Victoria it is because she is the one who does the funniest
things in our family, and probably is the most photogenic(almost).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A week in feminine dress - day 7

Today is the last day in my week in feminine dress,
but I would like to say that my mother, sisters, and I always dress like this.

We are going to attend a baby shower today so I am wearing a
black and white checkered skirt that my mother made.

To go with it I wore an eyelet blouse.

I wore my black shoes and a special clip headband.
I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into modest, feminine dress.

A week in feminine dress - day 6

As today is our cleaning day I chose to wear an outfit that I could
do the cleaning in.

Once again Victoria decided to get in the picture.

I wore a dark brown corduroy skirt and an olive green
corduroy shirt.

I also wore gold ballet flats and my hair in a twist.

A week in feminine dress - day 5

This morning I felt rather cold, so I decided to wear
a warmer outfit.

It is a dress that I made a while back that didn't fit on the
top. I added a merino wool sweater that my mother
acquired for me at a yard sale.
I wore my black shoes from yesterday and
my hair in a pony-tail.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A week in feminine dress - day 4

As today is Wednesday and we have
church I figured I might as well wear
another thrift store find which I also payed $2 for.

A little stowaway.

It is blue and white stripes, and is really quite comfortable.
I also wore a pleated navy blue skirt, and black shoes with a small heel.

I put a bendable white headband in my hair.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A week in feminine dress - day 3

As today was sunny I decided to wear one of my favorite

doing my devotions.

It is a baby blue polo that I bought for $2 at a thrift store!!!
If ever you need to buy a new clothes article, don't rush to the
mall and pay a fortune for a couple of shirts!!!
This shirt is from AĆ©ropostale, now if I had gone to the
actual AĆ©ropostale store I would have had to pay about $20 for it,
soooo I saved $18 on this shirt!!!

I put on a tan paneled skirt from Hamricks,
my brown shoes from Wal-mart, and my hair in a half pony-tail.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A week in feminine dress - day 2

For today I wore a lime green striped dress.
However, it had short sleeves so I slipped on a lime green shirt.

I wore brown shoes from Wal-Mart that are made of
a rubber sort of material that are soooooo comfortable.

I did my hair in 2 french braids and tied them
together with a lime green ribbon. I put on my everyday glasses to match.

P.S. Lime green is not my favorite color, everything just
happened to match :).

A week in feminine dress - day 1

Daddy and Caleb are finally home and I can now use my daddy's computer.
I wanted to do a week in feminine dress to encourage
other ladies to dress femininely and modestly.
We live in an age where femininity and modesty is
looked down upon and scorned. The fashions demand that
one wear whatever it says to wear, even if it's the ugliest
thing ever. One time I was speaking to a friend and she
told me that the only reason she wore "crocks" was because
everybody else wore them. We must not let ourselves be blinded
by fashion and the sorry excuse of "everybody else wears it", we must
follow what the Bible teaches and what God wants us to wear.

~She makes coverings for herself; Her clothing
is fine linen and purple...
Strength and dignity are her clothing.~

For church on Sunday I wore a cashmere and wool
blend sweater that my mother found at a consignment store,

a cream ruffled skirt that I bought from some friends
which was an XL, so I had to pull the elastic to fit me,
And some brown high heels that Jessica gave me.

I wore my hair in a twist. I also wore my "Church'