Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ohhhh so sweet

Victoria making salad
Little ones can sometimes be considered "in the way" when one is cooking but if you take the time to incorporate them you can make them the happiest children and have a blast yourself.
Take time to make someone smile today:)


Sarah said...

I would agree completely with the title of this post, Bethany! So sweet! I can't help but smile every time I see this photo. :) I love seeing Victoria's cheerful, sunny face while helping work in the kitchen. Thank you for brightening up my day with this post! :) Miss you all! (((hugs)))

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Sarah,
Oh goody I got 2 people to smile then;) I'm so glad u enjoyed this post. It really was so much fun watching her make that salad. Greetings to all of y'all.