Monday, April 18, 2011

A Blessed Weekend

This weekend we had the great privilege of hosting a "La Espada" evangelistic conference at our church. Our good friends the Garlick's came and Bro. Garlick did all the preaching.

We had lots of special music which was sooo nice. Here the men are singing "Here is Love" one of my personal favorites and Havi and I got to sing "Amazing Grace, Amazing Love" as well.

Many people surrendered their lives to full time service as well and we were blessed to see the fruit of our hard labors so plentifully granted to us.
We also had time for wonderful fellowship with the Garlicks between services and we have tons of wonderful memories of their visit. It's wonderful to have friends like the Garlicks who love the Lord with all their hearts and try to glorify him in all they do.

Playing "Tricky, tricky bear" at 10:30 pm lol.

Mr.Garlick plays the guitar beautifully and he accompanied us as we played. Also this game is a rather fast paced game so that's why the pictures are rather blurry.

And for a grand finale we celebrated Bro. Daniels birthday with him!!! I thank the Lord sooo much for His bountiful blessings upon us an pray that He would help us all to continue faithfully, pressing towards the goal. Also I would like to thank all the Garlicks for allowing themselves to be used by the Lord in such a great way here in Greenville.
God bless y'all!!!

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Sarah said...

It looks like you all had a fun time. :) Friends are such a blessing!