Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Conferences in Atlanta

This last week has been chock full of conferences and we have therefore been keeping pretty busy. Daddy was in Panama last week and arrived back home on Monday just in time to leave for a "La Espada" conference in Atlanta.

3 new friends, Rebekah, Bethany and Hannah
Havi and I had the great privilege to help teach the children ages 6-11 and we had a BLAST and were able to make lots of wonderful friends.

Acting out the story of Jonah:)
Poor Daniel had the great privilege of being Jonah and was quite nicely thrown into the sea LOL.

Haviland narrating the story

As if Daniel's being Jonah wasn't enough, Havi decided to have revenge on her older sister and made me the big fish!!! I wasn't quite sure how to swallow someone bigger than me but I think I managed OK and the children enjoyed it:)

The ships crew awaiting the storm

Daniel and Timothy lead in the singing

On the last day all the Pastors, Missionaries and Evangelists and their families had
a big competition, Men against women, and whichever team won, got a great prize of Banana splits so you can just imagine how that went!!! It was tons of fun and everybody enjoyed the wonderful, wholesome games.

I was somehow chosen to walk around all the lunch tables, blindfolded, with an egg balanced on a spoon in my mouth. It was an interesting, to say the least, experience and I'm happy to report that I won!!!

Seeing how many marshmallows they could stuff in their mouths and still say "Chubby baby".

The "Cooking knowledge" competition.
In the end I think the teams tied but my family had to leave early so we didn't get our prize:(
We arrived back home Wednesday about 10 min. before our church service started and rested Thursday ( which we were in great need of as going to bed at 1:00 am 3 days straight is not conducive to very good health. Honestly I now have a greater respect for people who teach room fulls of little children!)
We left again on Friday, this time for Sprucepine but I'm afraid I didn't take any pictures as I was in charge of all the music and couldn't very well take pictures and play the piano at the same time;) We returned home yesterday pretty tired but blessed in the thought that God had graciously used us and praying that our work would not be in vain.

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