Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A country holiday

What does one do when your nerves are worn to a frazzle? When it seems that the stress and anxiety, which has robbed you of your sleep, will kill you? Where can one go for rest and comfort and just plain living ? The answer is Happydale Country Inn!!! The best place for resting your poor weary bones, not to mention wholesome adventure!!! When you are out in the country you are able to do SOOOOOOOO many things that you can't do out in the city such as.........

Going hunting!!!

Besides hunting I was able to cross a high log bridge (over a creek)(SCARY!!!), drive a manual 4-wheeler(FUN!!!) and TONS of other 1sts that really made my stay special.

After sitting in the woods for 2 hours in the COLD!!!

Playing castle with Sayre

Haviland found a new friend in Tristan and it was quite funny to watch them talking as Tristan
was teasing Havi about the scarf that she was knitting for daddy. Over all our 2 day stay in the country was simply delightful!!! Thank you soooooooo much Casseroles for the wonderful time we spent with ya'll.


Elle said...

Dear Beth,
I'm glad you had so much fun.:) Hope to see you soon!!
Luv, Ellie May

Ashley said...

This post was AwEsOmE!!! It was so good to see the folks of 'Happydale Country Inn" and to hear of the goings on at that most relaxing and enjoyable dwelling/Bed and Breakfast!!! :o) For some strange reason I can see Tristan and Haviland getting into quite the animated 'discussion' while she was working on the scarf.... and Sawyer, oh my, this is the first photo I've seen of the resident munchkin in quite some time - he has GROWN A LOT!!! He's looking more and more like Collin these days.
Thank you for posting these photos. It's always good to hear about and see the folks back home!

Ashley (Ryan enjoyed the post too! :o)

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Ellie,
Yes we did have a nice time the only thing missing was you:) See ya soon!!!
Luv, Bess

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Ashley,
I'm sooooo glad that you were able to read my post!!! It was a wonderful time and I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. We missed you a lot while we were there however. I hope you are both doing well.
Love you,
Yes Havi and Tristan's conversation was hilarious:)

Haviland said...

Dear Ashley,
I know this is Bethany's blog but I read your comment:( Well We did have a discussion.Well Tristan did Not start a nice discussion.:)Well I need to go good-bye.


Sharon said...

Bethany, I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay at Happy Dale Sanit---Country Inn! I must say, you and your family certainly liven up the place much to the delight of the inma---I mean the other residents; especially Tristan. He has been with us some time now and we like it when he talks to someone other than Teddy....It was so wonderful to have you, and only wish you could stay for a longer holiday. Love Mrs. Casserole

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Mrs.Casserole,
you are a true kindred spirit and I'm soooo happy that you are not just mothers friend but mine as well. We will definitely have to plan for a longer holiday. Thank you for your hospitality and tell Tristan not to despair (he will be receiving a letter in the mail soon from his new friend:))
Love ya'll,

Sarah said...

I loved seeing all of these photos, Bethany!!! They bring back such fun memories. Did you have fun hunting? Did Sawyer go with? He looks quite intimidating with that gun! :)

I can just imagine how entertaining the conversation was between Haviland and Tristan! I am sure it was fun to listen in on. :)

Thank you for sharing about this fun time!

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Sarah,
Yes We had a wonderful time!!! The hunting was fun even though it was COLD!!!! Sawyer did not go with us, however he had fun jumping into the picture:) I'm glad you enjoyed.

Every Endeavor said...


I haven't been on here in a while....lots has been happening. Looks like ya'll really had a time of it!!

Love you all,

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Christiana,
Yes lots has been happening. we've been keeping real busy of late so the little country escape was wonderful. Hope to see you soon.