Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What happens when siblings go camera happy?

Well I'm not sure you want to know. LOL.

First they take a nice, civilized picture,

then they decide that Bethany is in need of some love,

then, when you add a brother or 2 things can get just a little bit goofy.

AND THEN,when you discover the distortions, frames, filters and such all semblance of civility
seems to be completely lost................ buuuuuut..........I shan't burden you with such pictures instead I shall show you the ones that came out best.(in other words, the lesser of the weevils, if you know what I mean;))

Sisterly love


My little sunbeam

Yours truly

Sister time
Soooo now you are forewarned of what can occur when you start taking pictures on your computer. Still, for the record, we had a blast.
I love you kiddos!!!


Elle said...

Everybody looks like they are having a blast!! Makes me desire I was there. Miss you, love you, and praying for you!!
-Ellie May

hannahlouise said...

Ha ha!!
yes, i know what happens really well... having three younger siblings and all..

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Ellie May,
Yes we certainly had a blast. I can just imagine what kind of pictures we would have if you and your brothers would have been here!!!LOL!!! Oh well, I'm missing, loving and praying for you too.
Luv ya,

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Hannah Louise,
Yes siblings sure are a blessing, I'm glad you enjoyed.
In Christ,