Friday, December 5, 2008

A special dress

My mother recently made a beautiful
jumper that was meant to be for her; however, she was not
satisfied with the way it fit her so she gave it to me.

It is, believe it or not, a denim material
with a velveteen design.

This picture shows the velveteen design.

I cant wait to use it for my piano recital on Monday.
Thanks mom!!!


Ashley said...

It's beautiful Bethany! Your Mom did a great job and looks comfortable.
Hope your recital goes well!
Greetings from the Casseroles to the Francostiens! :o)

Sharon said...

Bethany Dearest, you are becoming so grown up. When did this happen?Your dress is lovely, and it's creator is it's match. I hope your recital goes well ~ enjoy it.
Mrs.Dearest Casserole

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

I love the dress!

Sarah said...

It is lovely, Bethany! I hope that your piano recital goes well!