Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Thanksgiving-part 1

As my dad is a pastor, our family celebrates Thanksgiving
more than once. So to start, on the 26th we had a
special celebration at our church with plenty of food,
testimonies, and (drums start rolling) a Thanksgiving PLAY!!!

Mr. Carver speaks to the pilgrims.

It was an all homeschool cast and as I was the
oldest homeschooler in it I wrote, and directed it.

Priscilla Mullens takes Mr.Carver some soup while a
pilgrim chops wood with all his might.

It was rather nerve wrecking but, thanks to God, it
all went well.

Singing the Doxology at the feast.

These pictures are actually of the rehearsal so the scenery
in the back isn't right.

The Franco actors.

I made my dress, Haviland's dress, half of Victoria's dress,
and all the white add-ons.
Over all it was a very nice experience and I look forward to doing
more plays in the future.


Ashley said...

Wow Bethany! You've been busy the past several months/weeks haven't you! How long did it take to write the play?
The costumes look really good...Jared appears to be enjoying his role in the play!

Sharon said...

Bethany, I commend you for your great part in the production of the play. I wish I could have seen it. This must have brought back memories of Jamestown for you.
I see Jared was in his element, and it looks like David played his part well. You are such a dear big sister to all your younger siblings. You remind me of Ashley.
Mrs. Dearest Casserole