Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Christmas tree...

Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches.

In our family we usually set up our
Christmas decorations on thanksgiving (or before)
but as our fake tree has deteriorated in our basement, we decided
to buy a real one.

I picked this tree at Lowe's and everybody liked it
so we brought it home.

First, we had to rearrange the living room

Second, we had to decide where to put the tree.

Then we added lights, ribbon, and red beads.

We have 2 sets of decorations, one is for a fancy tree
with white lights, gold ribbon, pearls, and gold and green ornaments,
the second is for a fun tree with colored lights, plaid ribbon, red beads, and gingerbread and
candy ornaments.
We decided to use our fun tree ornaments this year and this is
what it looks like.

I hope you enjoyed!!!

Also a special thanks to the photographer,Caleb.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing about your tree! It looks like your family had a wonderful time picking it out! :) It turned out really well! Thanks again for sharing! Oh, and thank Caleb for the pictures... he did a great job! :)
~Lydia W.