Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home sweet home

Finally home!!!
My family and I arrived home last Thursday but with all
the unpacking to do, organizing rooms and just plain
living, we have been really busy.
I shall now give a brief (if that is possible!!)
history of our recent travels.

We left our house in Greenville for Belton
on Tuesday and stayed there 'til Thursday morning. We spent
a quite relaxed time there. My father took Jared and David
fishing and Jared caught the one and only
fish, still they all enjoyed it.
On Thursday morning we went back to Greenville to
drop of Shiloh at Camilo's house. After that we set of
for Charlseton to spend some vacation time with my aunt, cousins and a friend.

On Friday we went to a very quite, private beach,
it was beautiful!!!
Everybody enjoyed being able to swim in the water
and feel the sun shine on them.
Saturday we went to some outlet stores, and then we left around
1:20 to Rock hill.
We arrived in Rock Hill around 4:30 and went to dinner with the
My dad preached all day Sunday and in the evening on Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Of course, mother managed to make time for
history, we went to Historic Brattonsville
where a battle took place( I can't remember which
battle it was).
For those of you that have seen the Patriot,
25% of it was filmed on this site.

After a tour of some of the buildings we left for
a delicious Cuban lunch.
We returned home on Thursday after a long week and a half and
it sure is good to be home.

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Ashley said...

Welcome home!! Sounds like y'all had a busy time on "vacation". I really like that picture of Victoria- she appears rather... disgruntled!
So, when are the Francosteins going to make their appearance at this end of the state?