Friday, July 25, 2008

Delicious cravings

A few days ago my mother had the craving for
some chocolate cake, well you know what that means
" Bethany I feel like eating some chocolate cake".
I went to look for the recipe and.... "Oh no !!!
Mom left the cookbook at Belton".
Alright I have to think up something fast, I start
skimming through our other cookbooks and
stumble upon a recipe
for "surprise fudge cupcakes".
I decided to try them.

They were soooo good!!!
It didn't have too much chocolate
and mother enjoyed them.
The one thing I did not like was the icing
it was a little too strong for my taste however, Victoria sure
enjoyed it. I love being able to make tasty treats for my
family that everyone can enjoy.
" She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat
to her household...."
Proverbs 31:15a


Ashley said...

What cookbook did you get it out of? Was it an old cookbook?

Maiden4life said...

Dear Ashley,
I got the recipe from the cookbook that my parents gave me for my b-day
it is the new home and gardens( I think) but they made it look old.
It is a nice cookbook.