Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Aunts, uncles and nephews

Now that we have officially put all June birthdays behind us,
(there were 3 more besides the 2 I put, Frankys
Jessicas and Calebs)
we were able to visit my nephews which are here for
the 4th of July.
Our whole immediate family was there and we
were all able to enjoy the time we spent together.

Here is the proud granddad with his
grandsons Hayden and Ethan.

The 3 older brothers were happy to finally
spend some time together.

Isn't it funny that Victoria is only 3 months
older than her nephew?
I really enjoy being able to be with my family
and see my nephews. I really am so blessed!!!


Ashley said...

It's so neat that your whole family is together for the 4th!! Your nephews are so cute and I was surprised at how big Ethan was-it seems like just yesterday that you were telling us he had arrived!
Have a terrific fourth of July!

Maiden4life said...

Dear Ashley,
My brother Franky is here for the 4th but I don't Know if we are going to see him and his family because our church has an annual celebration and they like to spend time with Stacey's
family as well. I do hope I can see them again before they leave.
it has been so nice to see them a little.