Monday, January 18, 2016

2 weeks (in pictures)

Have you ever felt like you get everything done - just to have to re-do it again? I know I have felt that way sometimes with house work or cleaning and cooking etc.  Well after my sewing/workroom day I was donated several bags of clothing and the process began again! Thankfully it wasn't nearly as much as last time so my sewing day was somewhat shorter. 

Project #1: The blue and brown skirt
Problem: Though the print was nice it just wasn't my style.
Solution: Chop off the waistband, hem the raw edge and convert it into a cute infinity scarf

Project #2: The blue and pink ponchos
Problem: I loved the color and details and thought it was a scarf....what a disappointment to find out it was actually a poncho!
Solution: Cut a straight seam down and make it a scarf.

Project #3: The orange blouse
Problem: Loved the feel and color, but just didn't like how it looked on me.
Solution: Cut off the sleeves, hem the neckline and make it a jewel necked blouse.

Besides workdays I also spent quite a bit of time with my siblings (I'll explain why in a minute) 
and this is what occurs when you get a bunch of Franco's together for an extended period of time!


Typical us

Trying out the new AR!

Uhm....what can I say? LOL

"Alvina, Simon and Theodora" Maybe?


Love these guys

......boys. 'nuff said!

Havi and I

The chillens and I.

I was blessed to spend time with the kids before tackling the next project. Besides taking loads of crazy random pictures with my siblings I began acquiring notebooks, binders, pencils, highlighters, textbooks etc.

And drawing several notebook covers.

And you might ask what all this prep was for......WELL......because as of a week ago.....this girl is a college student enrolled in Culinary School!!!!

So needless to say my life has taken quite a change in 2016.  So far it has been quite fun and adventurous and I look forward to learning the ins and outs of chef life. However, I do covert your prayers as I am at school, there are many unbelievers surrounding me and I pray that I will be strong in the faith and a bright light to my teachers and fellow students. 

On a different note Friday evening the Gardner kids and us Franco kids went out for a evening of bowling and boy did we have fun! I think its safe to say that we are NOT experts but we had a blast anyway!

The whole crew.....God has truly blessed us with such sweet friends!
So there you have it folks....hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into my life as of late :)

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