Monday, September 21, 2015

The first day of Fall

Happy first day of Fall, y'all!
I LOVE Fall! The weather is balmy, with cool breezes starting to blow making it the perfect time to break out the hot cider, long sleeve shirts, and chunky sweaters. The apples are ripe, just begging to be made into warm apple pies and crisps. It's time to bake pumpkins to last all next year.  There's a different smell in the air and the leaves begin to change colors. And it isn't weird if we burn candles all day long ; ) Oh, yes, Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. 
However, my favorite part about fall is..........

I just love wearing boots - and if it were not totally crazy I would probably wear them all year long.
However, I do try to exercise some degree of self control ; ) 
But today is the first day of fall so it definitely warrants wearing boots and long sleeves......and a hat........and is it still too warm to pull out my jacket????

So heres to enjoying Fall.....

What do y'all enjoy about Fall? -- leave a comment and let me know!


Haviland Franco said...

Love the pics!!!! <3 I don't know how you did it without me LOL jk!!!! Love ya sis!!!!


Maiden4Christ said...

Well I just did the best I Love you too girl!