Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2 weeks at Cape Hatteras

Well I haven't made an appearance in blog world for a while and the cause was.......yeaup, a 2 week trip to Cap Hatteras, NC. This trip was quite a special trip because it was my first time ever traveling without my family! This trip also included my first full time nannying job, first time catching a fish, first root beer float & ice cream drumstick, first Brussel Sprouts & Quinoa and a lot of other "firsts". All in all it was a wonderful experience and tons of fun -- as well as work lol.  

I got to go with the Greene's and Castlebury's, 2 sweet families that I have grown to truly love and appreciate.  Trevor, Thelma, Seth & Charity have become like family and the little chillens are so sweet and fun. 

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Isabella and Daniel


Baby Ivan :) 

Daniel, Ivan and Trevor

Trevor and Thelma at sunset

Seth and the kiddos

On Sunday afternoon Seth went Crab fishing and brought in quite a haul -- 43 crabs, to be exact. So After church he and Trevor joined forces in the kitchen and cooked up....

... delicious Crab legs!!! 

They were AMAZING!!!!

During our stay we also got to visit the Hatteras Lighthouse which is the tallest lighthouse in North America and the tallest brick lighthouse in the world.  We climbed 257 stairs to the top and it was quite an adventure, but the view from the top was truly breathtaking.  My only suggestion is, if you are claustrophobic then do not attempt climbing a lighthouse -- I know from experience lol.

Measuring to enter the lighthouse

Yours truly

Thelma and Isabella

My first fish!

Bonfire on the beach

Thelma, Trevor, Ivan and Collin

And because I have missed the last 3 Monday's for my musical post ( and because it seems fitting to share this song with a beach post) here is a fun piano guys piece for y'all to enjoy. 
Title: Over the rainbow/Simple gifts
Genre: Popular Instrumental
Performed by: The Piano Guys

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