Monday, March 16, 2015

The Franco Family Players

Last week our poor, dear Mother was ill in bed so I had charge of the family for the week.  Needless to say it was an adventure, and though tiring I had a wonderful time getting things accomplished and keeping things running.  One of the things on my "to-do-list" was to help the chilluns with their school work and as they are studying Roman history, I helped them put on a play for Mom and Dad. Their assignment was to perform the story of Mucius, the Left-handed and after getting into the "mood" of actually doing this shindig the kids had a blast and really put tons of work and thought into it. I was so proud of them and wanted to share a little bit of our fun with y'all.

The Franco Family Cast

If your first thought on seeing this picture is "uhmm.......that doesn't look Roman...." you would be correct lol.  Our idea was to perform the story in a modern day setting (especially, since the boys did NOT want to wear togas-- or as they called them, "dresses")
So the setting was the RBI-- Roman Bureau of Investigation-- tracking down the Etruscan Gang, led by Lars Porsena.

Haviland played the part of the Roman Leader and looked fabulously intimidating! 

Jared as Lars Porsena--a very handsome, classy criminal. 

Victoria was the beautiful secretary (isn't she gorgeous???)

And last, but definitely not least, David did a WONDERFUL job as Mucius, the Left-handed.

Apart from being a modern day play we also decided to make it a comedy and boy did we have fun! The children came up with most of their own lines and had us rolling with laughter (especially David, who seems to have a knack for perfect punch lines and on-the-spot poetry) 
I wish y'all could have seen their performance but I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our theatrical endeavors.  We felt just like we were in "Little Women"! : )

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