Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sister time

Yesterday Havi and I took a little time to spend together, taking pictures and just having a general time of fun and laughs--although our time together is almost always fun and laughs lol.  But thought I'd share with y'all : )

I am so blessed to have this girl for my sister.  She's not just my sister, she's my best friend and I am so proud of the beautiful, Godly young lady she has become--I even forgive her for now being taller than me ; )  I am so glad we get to spend time together and grow together.  The exciting thing is that Victoria is also growing by leaps and bounds and I love that I have two sweet girlfriends to go through life with.


*NOTE: The last picture wasn't from yesterday but I wanted to include it as it had all three of us*


Haviland Franco said...

Aww! I love you too Onnie!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh I finally found your ur blog and now i look forward to showering u guys with insults even when we dont see eachother")this is going to be such a wonderful year lol:) Adri')

Maiden4Christ said...

Oh boy!!!! got to love the cuz lol. At first I was like who in the world is this......then I read the name ;) Love ya Adri! Hope you enjoy keeping more up to date with your long lost favorite cousins :)

Michelle Moyano said...

Beautiful pictures - loved them!

Aunt Michelle

Maiden4Christ said...

Thanks, Auntie!!! So glad you enjoyed them :)