Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reasons for...

...My prolonged silence. I had intended to post about our church VBS looooooooong before this
but a couple of interesting things occurred to prevent this. First I arrived home the day after VBS finished to find...(oh no!!! Not again!!!)... my camera completely destroyed by my dear little sister:(
After that I was attacked by a stomach virus and had to under go the joys and blessings of dehydration, not being able to eat any solid food and spending almost all week in bed.Passing a slow but sure recovery I under went the great privilege of having my braces installed and therefore am now suffering from a very sore mouth and not being able to bite, hence I'm once again on a soft foods diet. Of course after such an eventful week my poor nerves are quite tattered and I'm rather surprised that I'm still in one piece. Of course, it's a given that I have enjoyed a LOT of TLC from my loving family and am well on my way to being a VERY spoiled 15 year old. Well, now that you know the reasons for my inexcusable behavior in not posting I shall proceed to our VBS.

Story time

I was in the Torres class and we had such a wonderful time with all the 8 and 9 year old's.

The weather here in SC can be very interesting as you shall soon find out. 2 of my friends had come to get some supplies from our class and when they arrived it was raining cats and dogs. They didn't stay long, just long enough to grab the supplies and some candy from my treasure bag but by the time they left it wasn't raining anymore and the sun was out in all its splendor and one of my friends shouted out "there's a rainbow!!!" I ran out with my camera and was stunned by the beauty of that rainbow.I had never seen a full rainbow before and it was gorgeous!!! The picture can never do it justice.

My artistic verse. This was a lot of fun to draw and the children had a lot of fun learning their verses.
Of course, after being so well behaved all during the class all of us older kids (and the younger ones too) needed an outlet for all of our pent up energy. How do you get rid of all this energy? It's simple run out to the back field of the church and organize a soccer match. Us girls don't usually play, though sometimes we do get inspired and join in the games, but this time we all went to play. Because it is such a rare thing for us to play, I was nominated captain of Barcelona and Elizabeth was chosen captain for Real Madrid. After we flipped a gum packet ( we didn't have a coin and as gum is a very common thing amongst us it was a natural and original way of seeing who got to choose first*wink*) and divided up the teams the game began. The first night we played a 90 minute game and we won 6-5.

Jared and I, after the game.
The next evening, which was Thursday, we won 14-5 still playing 90 min. games and since then we have had a "perfect season" winning every game as far as I know. Now as you may remember it was raining cats and dogs so you might wonder how did you play in such weather conditions. Well truth be told we played in a flooded field!!!

So here is what Havi and I looked like after the games, sweaty, tired and soaking wet.
On the last day the Torres brought pizza for all of the kids of their class and bought foam sun visors to decorate.

Mrs.Torres and I

All the children
Also during the whole week of VBS our church was recording our 4th sacred CD so my daddy took me to the studio a couple of times.

David Chapman and my Bro. Camilo

The chihuahua belonged to Mr. Emory at who's studio they were recording. Now Milo has never liked Chihuahuas but Hershey loved sitting on Milo's lap. Quite a funny predicament:)
On Sunday we had a very nice Father's day with a delicious meal and the company of the best daddy in the world...

as well as my dear grandpa. I gave my daddy "What he must be... if he wants to marry my daughter" by Vodie Baucham and had the whole family laughing.
Also to finish this lengthy post this Saturday we celebrated Caleb's 19th birthday.
The USA fans.
We had some friends and family over for Mexican hot dogs and then we all watched the USA vs. Ghana soccer game. The only bad thing about his birthday is that USA lost and was therefore eliminated from the world cup. Oh well, that's life. Happy birthday Caleb!!!


Every Endeavor said...

I am so sorry that you were sick. I didn't know that. Glad you posted the pictures of you and Havi after the games. You two still look great!! I liked your dad's gift hope he likes his book!! I'm sure that was pretty funny...;)

Love and blessings,

Maiden4Christ said...

Thanks for the wonderful time we had yesterday. It was so fun to just be with ya'll. Please thank your family on my behalf. Hope to see you again soon.
Love you,
P.S. I'll be praying that you wont get sick.
P.P.S. If you can't go to the conference on Saturday we are having a 4th of July picnic at our church at 5:30 that day if you'd like to come with whoever is not ill.
P.P.P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment about my hair.