Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Living in a winter wonderland

This past week we went to Sprucepine, NC for a conference
and the very day we got there it snowed 6 inches. For us South Carolinians that is a TON of snow!!! Of course one can't resist plowing in to all that snow so after the services we all headed out for an amazing afternoon of snowball fight fun.

Havi and Nate

Having a blast

Havi, Eli and me
We took Danny and Benji Vasquez with us to help with the music and it was a blessing to have them with us.

Playing for the services
When we arrived to the Huendo's house their yard was beautiful, BUT this is how we left it...

...completely destroyed by 7 sets of eager hands. We had a friendly boys-against-girls feud during the days that we were there so you can just imagine the amount of snowballs that were hurled across this battlefield. We made snow men, had snowball and pillow fights galore and had a wonderful time.
Wednesday was Jared's 8th birthday so after the morning service the Huendos took us even higher up the mountain to go sledding and snowboarding.

Happy birthday Jared!!!

Getting ready for another run.

Enjoying everything to the fullest.


No pictures please

After the services we would all go and get ready for bed, however while the children waited for the restroom Danny gave them all a science class.

The 11:30 pm science class with Prof. Danny

The dialogue while studying "The encyclopedia of animals"
Danny: This is a possum
Victoria: That's you
Danny: Well this is you( pointing to a skunk)
Victoria: No I said that's you
Danny: No that's you.
That is what they said the whole time.

Victoria shooting poor Danny
(I guess he must have called her something awful*wink*)

Benji and Jo
Well I thank the Lord for the opportunity He gave us to serve Him there in Sprucepine
and for the wonderful time we spent with the Huendos.
Also I uploaded a couple of videos onto my Vimeo page of the conference so please head over there and see them.


Every Endeavor said...

I liked your post... Sounded like you had a great time!!
Thanks for coming over the other nigh I really enjoyed having you and your dear mother here!
I watched you video your dress was so nice! You made it right?


Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Christiana,
Thank you for your sweet comment. Mother and I were soooooo excited about being able to go to your house we are hoping to be able to go tomorrow but we are not sure. Yes i made my dress and I think it is well on its way to being a favorite well I'm glad you like it.