Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The great adventure

My Father was in Panama last week and thus the stage was set for (drum roll)
"The great adventure."
One of the many stories of my life.
Written by Bethany Franco

My mother had long detested the very badly installed linoleum that graced our kitchen floor.
With 6 active children running in and out it had begun to show signs of wear and use and
it was beginning to be such an eye sore that my dear mother was becoming quite desperate.
At long last my parents decided it was time to change the floor and began preparing and ordering materials.
Well my father had to attend a conference in Panama and whilst he was away my mother decided to begin the task of demolishing our poor, old floor. As my siblings rather love destroying things this was accomplished relatively quickly.

My mother ordered some white and blue industrial tile (I'm afraid that is what one needs in such a high traffic area as our kitchen;))
and as soon as my father returned the work began.

After moving everything from the kitchen to the living room (I'll let you imagine what THAT was like) and our crew started. We have been blessed to have people at our church who are experts at every type of job imaginable and Fernando and Nacho are no exception. With their help the floor was completely laid down in 5 hours.

Early the next morning we began scraping off ALL excess glue and cleaning each and every tile (by hand) and generally preparing everything for the wax finish.

While everything was out my father took advantage and painted everything as well.
After countless coats of wax and many hours later we had finally finished the project. Everything was in its place and it was all sparkling clean. Now my mother can sit back and enjoy her beautiful floor.

The end.


Every Endeavor said...

Great job!! It looks wonderful very well done...

~ Christiana

Maiden4Christ said...

Thank you so much. Hopefully we can invite you soon and you can see the whole thing.

Sharon said...

How beautiful! What a transformation! The new floor brightens everything up so much! Love it. .......when may I come to drop crumbs on it???? (heeheehee)
Mrs. Casserole

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Mrs.Casserole,
Pleas feel free to come spill as many crumbs as you like whenever you are in the area. I will personally take charge of the sweeping afterward. My regards to the family.