Monday, February 8, 2010

A glimpse into my weekend

Actually this will be a glimpse into my weekends as I will show you all some pictures from last weekend as well. Last Friday we had an ice storm, no snow just ice.

We hibernated in our little den on Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Caleb had to defrost his car for 30 minutes before he was able to go to work and I must say it was nice to have him 30 minutes longer.

Walking was VERY hard as EVERYTHING was covered with ice.

Our birdfeeder.

The ice covered yard.

This weekend we invited a brother and sister from church, over for pizza night and a movie.

Erminia, helping out in the kitchen.
We had such a nice time cooking together and getting to know each other better.

Busily working.

Taking a break while the pizzas were baking.

Gomer and the boys.

Enjoying the wonderful pizza.
After dinner we watched "Ann of green gables"and then Erminia and Gomer went home. It was such a wonderful time of fellowship and fun.
Every week of the month of January we have had 2 different countries represented at our church. Everybody from those countries had to dress up in the typical clothes from those countries. Well this last Sunday we had the grand finale, USA and Mexico and then a big banquet after church.

It was interesting to see all the different outfits.

Mr. Zenon and Mr. Secundino

The Morenos and the CardeƱas

The Franco cowgirls.

Issac dressed up as a "Charro"(those are the Mexican singers)

Well this was just a little glimpse into my weekend but I hope you enjoyed it.


Every Endeavor said...


Looks like you had fun in the snow/ice! I missed it this last weekend. My dad said there was five inches in Greenville. But we do get to see some snow here on the mountains. Yesterday it was in the 60's here. It felt so good!.

Tell Havi hello for me!!


Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Christiana,
How are ya'll? From reading your blog it seems like you are having a wonderful time. The snow was wonderful. I will be posting pictures of it soon. Boy it sounds like the weather is beautiful over there. It's FREEZING here;) I wonder what happened to global warming? Well Havi says to tell you "Hi" and that we need to see each other more often. Please say hello to Hunter and Prentiss and, of course, your mother.
P.S. I'm going to post this on your blog as well just in case.

Anonymous said...

okay Bethany, your blog is just sooooooo cute! You seem like just the PERFECT family! Havi and Victoria are getting so big... well in that case EVERYONE is!!! I miss you guys too much for words. Probaly because you didn't come to the Hispanic Appretiation Day. :( Well, tell everyone I said HI!!! BONJOUR!!!! COMMO ASTAS? (is that how you spell it????) Everything and everyone at Bethel are doing good. I hope you continue to help SOOOOO much in your family!!! I enjoy reading your posts!!!! Well stay HAPPY AT HOME!!!
(p.s.! there is a LOBSTER recipe in the cookbook I'm doing and I wasn't going to do it but then I discected a frog with my brother Jesse then I deccided to cook lobster... the very last recipe I do!!! PRAY FOR ME!!!!!)

Ignacio said...

hey betany me gusto tu muro ;las fotos y los videos buen trabajo recive saludos del club

Ignacio said...

betany happy birhtday

Maiden4Christ said...

Gracias por dejar un mensaje. Lo aprecio mucho. Saludos de la familia.

Maiden4Christ said...

Hey Dana,
thank you for your sweet comment i really appreciate it. I was sad that we weren't able to go to VA last year. Good luck with the lobster.