Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My weekend in pictures (a few at least)

On Thursday my dear daddy left for the Dominican Republic on a 4 day trip. However we still managed to have a busy schedule. On Friday we went to the "Cow"stleburys (AKA= The Castleburys or Casseroles) house to spend the day, night and Saturday morning there.
I will warn you that Haviland took a lot of these pictures and she has the tendency to go just a little bit camera crazy.
The boys, paying more attention to their food than to the camera.

Victoria playing horse on a very crooked tree.

Sawyer, always happy.

Sayre raking up pine needles for our fort.

The finished product.

Making candles.

Listening intently.

Sayre dipping his glow lamp.

My glow lamp after I put on all the flowers.
We had delicious homemade pizza for dinner and watched the last 2 episodes of Cranford. It was sooooo relaxing.

Getting ready to go see the cows Saturday morning.

2 BIG cows.

Yet another BIG cow.

Enjoying the view from the trunk of the "Burb".

After lunch we headed back home to babysit my little (well, not so little) nephew Peyton.

Isn't he cute?
After babysitting we headed out to the turkey bowl at BJU.
Caleb's the 1st Franco to play in the championship and we were all very excited.

The Beta Gamma Delta Patriots entrance to the stadium.

Charging the field.

Preparing for the game.

The president(of BJU)arriving to present the game ball.

From the East to the West, #3 is the best!!!

Mother enjoying the game and spending time with her 2 big boys.

My handsome big brother.
I can hardly believe that he is already a freshman at the university. I miss him a lot at home though, he has always been here for me and now I'm the oldest at home. It's a LOT of responsibility.

Hailey, ready to go home.

Celebrating after their 4-1 win against the Basilean Eagles.

Pictures with the family.
Well, daddy's back home now and so the whole family is here.
~Thank you Castleburys for the wonderful time we spent at your house.~

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