Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A post at last

Well here I am again and I have remembered my promise to post some pictures from the Ecuador missions trip.

There were 5 members,Daddy, Cristian, Caleb, Evangelist Alvaro Rodriguez and my uncle Galo.

Mr. Alvaro never passes up a chance to witness so here he is preaching in a bus full of people.

One of the beautiful houses.

The beautiful mountains of Ecuador.

Posing after their hike. They visited many different places and the weather varied from very hot to very cold hence the jackets.

Missionary Sid Messer and Daddy.
Of course, no report on Ecuador would be complete without some mention of the food:)

I really don't know what all these dishes are but I think Caleb is eating fish of some sort
and the drink is probably the Ecuadorian soda Tropical which is, I think, one of the best sodas in the world. Well, I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into Ecuador.

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