Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy birthday Haviland!!!

Hard as it is to believe, Haviland turned 10 yesterday!!!

Here is Havi with little Brian Hornor.

Brian and Diana Hornor.

Haviland opening her gifts.

Haviland's birthday dress which mother made for her.

I made this dress on Saturday to wear on Sunday.

Victoria enjoying the birthday cake. I thank God for my sweet little sis.
Happy Birthday Havi!!!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Havi! You are growing up sooooo fast! You simply MUST stop at once! You're going to be as old as your Mother and I if you keep this up(another 16 years and we may have to adjust our ages).
Congratulations on your new status as Aunty #5.
Love Mrs. Casserole

Maiden4Christ said...

Thank you Mrs.casserole.