Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An ode to mothers

As I thought on this mothers day I
wasn't very sure what type of post I would make for mothers day.
I finally decided to post a poem that my mother wrote but I had to translate it from
Spanish to English so it's taken some time. I hope you enjoy it .


There is a voice that echoes;
And it speaks without fear
That there is no worth in what I do
That there is something much more dear.

There is a voice, a loud voice
That tells me I should go
Away from home and pull away
From that little fold.

That I can gain great riches
That shall bring me felicity
That I can earn a position
And of me, proud they shall be.

There is a voice that tells me
That fame should be my goal
And to do something that's "really worth it"
And so the world of me approve.

They shall tell me that I'm intelligent
That I didn't let myself down
They shall tell me "You are really strong;
You, we can admire."

But there is another Voice, a Voice sublime

That tells me there is more honor
In being "only" a wife
Building a superior home.

That He shall give me great riches;
That I could not even perceive
He shall give me some blessings;
That shall bring me felicity.

"It won't be easy" He tells me
"On Me, you shall have to lean

If you want to see good fruit;
You shall have to trust in Me."

"It shall take a great effort
Little souls to mold
He tells me: you do your part
For I shall not desert you."

"Be to them a good example
And they shall follow you
when you talk to them of Jesus
They will believe."

And some day you will hear some voices
Talking about you
"She was 'only' a mother
Who dedicated her life for me."

And you shall have great fame in your home
"It was worth it" you shall say
When you hear your husband and children
Blessed you shall be.

"They shall tell you, that you were wise
To have stayed at home
They shall tell you: 'You are really strong;
You, we can admire

~Lizet Franco on February 28, 2003

Being a Mother is really such a high calling and we as children should honor
mothers. I thank God for my mother.

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Ashley said...

The poem is beautiful... words cannot express how beautiful. We truly have great treasures in our mothers.
Thank you for posting this!