Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas and new year

Caleb's camera isn't here again but I
am going to do this post anyway.
On the 24th all my family got together and we celebrated Christmas
with plenty of Cuban food, Christmas hymns, and gifts.
in the evening on the 24th all my immediate family got together
to read the Christmas story and open gifts. We had a wonderful time!!!
On the 25th we invited the "Codiciados", or young men
from our church who don't have any family here, over.


They stayed 8 hours and 30 minutes!!!
And most of that time was spent playing dutch blitz!!!

Victoria and Roberto

It was lots of fun!!!

*** WARNING***
If you are an animal lover please do not read the next half of this post!!!

For new years we decided to do something adventurous,
we bought a WHOLE pig to barbecue for the
BIG feast at our church.

With the help of Fernando Morales we set to work.
(I don't think he is carrying the pig here as it was much bigger.)

Here is the BIG grill we cooked it in.

Here is the pig daddy was poking it with a knife all over so the seasoning would
go inside the meat.

Here I'm rubbing in all the seasoning, it really was an interesting experience.

We let the pig cook all day long and took it out around 7:30.

This is what the pig looked like after cooking all day...

and this is what it looked like after everybody started eating from it.

We had 3 sermons, and several games.

Here is the birds eye view. I hope you all enjoyed!!!

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