Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Of dogs and houses

My father decided to give Caleb his birthday gift a whole month early
and the gift just happened to be just what Caleb wanted:
a Boxer puppy!!!
His name is Shiloh and he is 3 months old ,he is so well behaved.
We all were very happy with him and he seems to like us a lot also (he especially likes Caleb)
Isn't he just adorable?
He loves to sleep and enjoys our house in Belton of which I
shall now post pictures of as I promised.
It is so pretty we all love it and wish we didn't
have to sell it, but it is too far away so we have to sell it.Isn't it just gorgeous ?


Ashley said...

The house is beautiful!! We wish y'all didn't have to sell it either, as Momma misses having "friend" so close!
Shiloh is absolutely the cutest thing ever!!! Jared told me that he likes Caleb's dog better than mine becuase it's smaller! :o)
See you tomorrow!

Paula said...

That was such a sweet gift! Shiloh is just adorable!

Your home is very beautiful! So old-fashioned and Victorian looking... my favorite kind of home! I am so sorry you all have to sell it, but I know the Lord will help you all through it!

Bless you!
Mrs. Paula