Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A mini project

Once upon a time.....in a galaxy far, far away.......well, not quite lol but a long time ago--for Havi's 8th birthday, to be exact--she received a doll house from my parents.  Living in our small house it just wasn't possible to have it out so it sat in our basement waiting patiently for us to get around to it. Little did we know that it would be almost 8 years before we would unearth it!

During our move--well, more like move's--it kept popping up but we just didn't seem to have time to get around to it.  However, us chillen's aren't exactly the kind to just let fun projects sit so one day we decided to finally tackle this house. After all, we had jut finished remodeling a real house so building a doll one couldn't be that hard, right??? 

We labeled the pieces and set to work reading the instructions. It was a little complicated at first and the more we read the more we wondered if we had bitten off more than we could chew.  We started with what seemed to be the easiest step, painting the pieces.

We worked on the steps that were clear first and little by little the other instructions began to make more sense and we were thrilled to see things start to come together.

Our expert builder and advisor gave us tips and hints when we were stumped which helped a lot.

Isn't that yellow just adorable???

The mostly finished product : ) We still have the interior and a few details to finish but other than that our little house is pretty much done.  The kids and I had a fun time working on this together and I'm sure Victoria and Hailey-Bug will have fun playing with it.  

On a completely different note-- Happy Birthday to this cute little guy!!! Can't believe he's 4 already! Love you bunches Brayden : )
~Aunt Betty

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