Monday, October 22, 2012

I've been blessed to be able..... go to the State Fair with my adorable niece and nephew,

To ride (well sit lol) in a Chevrolet Camaro <3 :=":" p="p">

To spend some wonderful time with siblings,
To see my beautiful sister turn 13,

To observe God's wonderful handiwork,

To watch my siblings become AMAZING photographers, and soooo much more!

Yes, I truly have been blessed.


Bea said...

Hi Bethany,
What lovely photographs! I absolutely adore the carved fireplace! Is it in your home? what does the wording say?
Bea x

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Bea,
Actually most of the pictures were taken by my younger sister and brother :) i was very proud of them. The fireplace was at a house that we were blessed to stay at for a family vacation and it says "I will lift mine eyes unto the hills" based on the verse in Psalms. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
In Christ,

Teresa said...

Loved the post!!! It looks like you may have some photographers in the family! They did a great job.

Happy belated to Haviland!!!

Hna. Teresa

Sarah said...

I know this is a rather old post, but I just had to leave a comment on it . . . it looks like you have a busy and enjoyable couple of months, Bethany! I enjoyed seeing all of the photos!

Rachel Page said...

Lovely family photos.

Anastasia Krupnik said...

Beautiful photos!