Thursday, November 3, 2011

TV dinner anyone?

On Tuesday I decided to make a TV Dinner for after Dinner with the help of all the children.
Now you might wonder why on earth I would make a TV dinner for after dinner so maybe this excerpt from the recipe book will help enlighten y'all ;)

" No need to worry about your peas and carrots mixing with you chocolate pudding in this TV's all made with candy and sugar. Go ahead and grab a chicken leg by it's white chocolate bone, or dig into the pile of frosting mashed potatoes topped with caramel gravy. You might want to save the vegetables for last, because the peas and carrots are actually Runts and Starbursts."

For a sweet tooth like myself a description like that is VERY tempting lol so I decided to have a special cooking spree with the children as I knew they would greatly enjoy making this. So I went and bought the necessary ingredients and told them we were gonna do something special after lunch.

Cutting orange Starbursts

Happily picking out all the green Runts

As we began the children were still wondering what in the world I was doing but they were soooo excited to help and they enjoyed getting to eat the left over candy too ;)

Cream cheese frosting

Mashed potatoes with butter and grav

Carrots and Peas ( My personal favorite lol

Ready for dinner. Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots and Peas and Chocolate Pudding (for "dessert" ;)

Sooooooo HAPPY :

All my helpers

So there you have it TV dinner cupcakes. It was sooooo much fun making these with the chillens and they enjoyed eating the fruit of their labors.
Have a blessed day y'all!!!


Michelle Moyano said...

Hey, those really do look like peas and carrots!!! I bet they were delicious.

Aunt Michelle

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Aunty,
It was so much fun to make though I didn't get a chance to try any ( the chillens beat me to it lol)
Love ya,
Bethany Eugenia ;D

Funambulist said...

We have the recipe book that teaches us how to make those :) they look delicious. I am homeschooled and I have seven siblings as well! :)

Sara Skinner said...

Those are adorable!! :) Thanks for sharing!