Friday, September 24, 2010


WOW!!! It's already Fall!!!
I can hardly believe how fast time passes and honestly I wonder "Have we been redeeming the time?" I know that there are many things that I could have done better this past year, and that I could have gotten a lot more accomplished than I have. Another thought that the passing of the seasons has brought to mind was " What kind of an example am I leaving to all the little eyes that watch me everyday? Am I showing them how to redeem the time and make it count for God?" I think of this often, especially when I see all the children running around, playing with their friends exactly how I used to with my friends at that age.

The time is fleeting fast, are we making it count for Christ?


Nathanael M. said...

This is a great testimony and quite the encouragement :) By this I mean your entire blog.

Maiden4Christ said...

Nathanael M.
Thank you for your kind comment. I really appreciate it and I am so glad that God has used my blog in your life. May God bless you.

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing this convicting thought, Bethany! How very important it is for us to be cautious and careful of what example we are giving to those younger than us. It is amazing how closely they try to emulate us, and how important it is then, for our lives to be something that is worthy of being emulated. And ultimately, to be a life that is "worthy of the calling with which [we] have been called" . . . that which is pleasing and glorifying to our heavenly Father.

And by the way, I like the photo that you shared in this post . . . looks like fun times! :)

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for you sweet comment. It rather scares me being the older sister because I do want to leave a good example to my siblings and that is a lot harder than most people think. Thank you once again.

Alissa said...

Hello Bethany! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your brother was the first one to introduce me to your blog awhile back. You are very mature in your thinking and attitude for a 15 year old! I praise God that you are heeding His instruction for your life! May God continue to bless you as you walk with Him.

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Alissa,
Thank you sooo much for your comment. I appreciate it, and it really encouraged me to keep on serving the Lord. My family and I all enjoy reading your blog. Thank you so much.
In Christ,