Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A blessed weekend

This weekend our church orchestra was VERY busy with several special services.
On Saturday we went to Sprucepine to help with the inauguration service of a church there but in the end out of the 8 orchestra members only 3 of us were able to go and of the 3 I had to play the piano and Erick had to direct the music so poor Josue had to play the violin by himself.

Daddy and the pastor of the english church.

Playing A passion for Thee
We prepared some special music for the service, however, due to the fact that there was not another pianist we played "A passion for Thee" acapella but thankfully Erick knew how to play the piano part so it actually came out very nice.
Haviland and I sang "Oh Holy Night" (in spanish) and that came out very good considering that I was soooooooooooo nervous and had to sing it all memorized due to the arrangement being in english and the book borrowed from my piano teacher.
We had a delicious banquet after the service but had to hurry as it was going to start raining and it was soooo cold that daddy wanted to get home as soon as possible. My dear little sister took plenty of pictures of all of us and here are a few.

Roberto Zuniga
Oh I forgot to mention that Roberto and Nacho went with us as well.

Eli and Me

Erick taking all the hymnbooks to the bus.


Jo, Nate and Eli
Haviland has a knack for getting pictures of people when they least expect it which is why
the 3 above pictures have very interesting(to say the least) facial expressions. We sang the whole 2 hours back and arrived home around 12:15am. It was a blast!!!
On Sunday we had our Christmas cantata during both services. The childrens choir sang and the orchestra played.
During the morning service Danny, Erick and I played the ofertory sort of spur of the moment and we played "Oh Holy Night" (Are you beginning to notice that this is my favorite song?)

The 3 violins AKA: The flutist, violist and cellist

Congregational singing

Acting out the birth of Jesus

Katie, Marcos and Genesis singing "En la noche los pastores velan"
(I don't know what it is called in english. Maybe "In the night the sheperds watch"?)
The little shepherds

The angels singing" Angels we have heard on high"

The 3 kings singing" We 3 kings"

Daddy preaching

Me, Erick and Danny listening to the preaching

The services were a great blessing and I thank God for the wonderful time we spent
with family and friends.

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Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Beth,

I love you . I love you blog.May the Lord bless you and your blog.

With much Love
your sister Haviland.