Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess where we have been!!!

On Monday morning my family left to attend a conference in another state.

~The sky line~
Well if you haven't guessed yet perhaps the next picture will give you the answer.

Did you guess New York? Well what a brilliant set of readers I have. We had a very enjoyable though busy week (rarely getting to bed before 1:00am and having to get up around 6:00 to be able to eat breakfast) in the big apple or as daddy calls it the rotten apple.

~Nathaniel, Jovani, Elizabeth and me. AKA=Nate, Joe and Eli~
We went with our friends the Huendos and we had a blast!!!

~The community cup~

This is a replica of lady Liberty's face. It is the same size as her face and as you see it is HUGE!!!

~The 3 generations= Benjamin Garlick: grandson, Dr.Roland Garlick: father, and Evangelist Daniel Garlick: son~
We also had the opportunity to meet Dr. Roland Garlick, one of the great heroes of the faith.
I believe he is now in his 90s and he has parkinsons, please pray for him and his family.

~Old friends~
After the conference we went to New Jersey to visit Franky
and his family.

~Me with baby Peyton~


~Victoria and Hayden~

Here is a picture of the cheesecake that Stacey made for us. It was sooooooo good
that by the time we finished there was only about 3 pieces left.

~Everybody except Peyton who was sleeping~
We left New Jersey Saturday morning and arrived at Winston-Salem, NC
in the evening where my father was going to preach Sunday morning. After the service
we headed hom and arrived 20 minutes before our evening service. It felt wonderful to sit down in my orchestra seat and play my violin and to see all my friends.
~East or west, Home is BEST~


Maiden4Christ said...

I love you Beth



Sharon said...

Welcome Home, dear ones. Love Mrs. Casserole.

Every Endeavor said...

Hey Bethany,

I enjoyed being with you and your mother yesterday.
Thanks for letting me join you for dinner!
It was great to see you again!!


Maiden4Christ said...

Love you too Havi.

Thank you Mrs. Casserole it's wonderful to be home.

We had such a wonderful afternoon thanks for sharing it with us.


Naomi K said...

Hey, I was at that conference 4 years ago - thanks for the pictures that brought back memories :)