Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am very happy to anounce that my family seems to be somewhat better and I thank you all for praying. Jessica's operation went well and she is recovering slowly but surely.
While I was sick I decided that it was time to finish the many projects that I have
and this is what I have finished.

This is a knitted scarf that I finished. It is so nice and warm.

I also made this spring dress. I used the simplicity 3902
but had to alter it by adding 10 in. to the skirt and removing the ruffles from the sleeves.

I really like the rick-rack on the waist and the sleeves.
I still have several projects to finish that include a
wild rose Bible cover,2 pillow cases, etc.
I can't wait to finish of these projects and be able to use them.


Antonio said...

Hi Bethany,

So glad to hear you are all feeling better. The scarf and dress are beautiful as well as the ongoing projects you have for the Bible book cover, etc.

Love you,
Aunt Michelle

Naomi K said...

Hi! I don't know if you remember me, but Amos and Rebekah saw you in Jan. and they told me about your blog - Also, I noticed that you look at the Joy of Home blog which is one of my favorites as well - we've met Janna's sister. Looking forward to keeping up with you guys :)