Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally, a blog post

Well, well, well, guess what I'm doing?
We started school this week and as blogging counts for
composition, here I am.
Our trip went very well.
We left on Monday around 11:00am.
After a relaxing drive and delicious lunch we arrived
at the hotel at 5:00pm.
The baths and general getting ready began immediately.
We left for the church around 7:00 and arrived
around 7:20. There were 2 services and plenty of
special music. We arrived back at the hotel rather late and went straight
to bed as the church was going to take all the
pastors kids to Carowinds an Abigail, Haviland and I were going.
We woke up at 6:30 Tuesday morning and left the Hotel around 7:10.

When we arrived we were greeted by this
jolly fellow.

We went on a lot of different rides some small, some big

and on some you got soaking wet.
We left around 7:00pm, stopped to
eat dinner, and finally arrived back at the church.
We had to wait quite a while longer before being
able to go to the hotel as the sermon was still going when
we arrived.
All the pastors and their families were invited to go
bowling the next day.

The rest of the week was spent going to and from the
The first few days of the conference there was
a group of young men that sang specials.

The pianist played Very well and it was neat to watch his hands
fly up and down the keyboard.

The group left early Thursday morning and
so I was substituted in for the offertory Wednesday,Thursday
and Friday (the group was there on Wednesday but as it wasn't
planned for me to play Thursday and Friday I played Wednesday as well).
On Friday night the sermon was about surrendering your life to God.
many made decisions that night.

Thus the conference ended. We stayed at the church till 2:00 in the
morning saying goodbye to all our friends.
The trip back on Saturday wasn't that long and we
arrived in good time to go and eat dinner.
We dropped Abigail off at her house and then
went home where we were greeted by Shiloh and Caleb (he went to camp that
same week).

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