Wednesday, June 4, 2008

White water rafting #2

Saturday my Father,Brother and I went white water rafting, it was so fun!!!
We left the church around 8:00am and drove for about 2 hours in
one of the church van's .

Me, my cousin Abigail and Debi.

Upon arriving at the Nantahala river, we all got our
life jackets and paddles.

We then had a short bus ride to the river and a little lesson
on how to paddle.
Well, then we got in our perspective boats and started paddling.
My boat had just started the ride when another boat of the church
goes past us soaking us on the way. We in turn were trying to
defend ourselves and forgot to watch where we were going
and I think we took a rock wrong. Well whatever it was, our captain fell
out of the boat into the current and accidentally flipped a kayaker over.
We (the rest of the crew) then tried to stop the boat so our captain
could get back on however, this is very hard to do when you are right
in the middle of the current.

This is my boat, in the front is Brandon,
in the 2nd row is Cecilia and Fernando (our boat captain)
in the 3rd Edgardo and me and finally my father.

Of course, not everyone had the good fortune of staying in the boat.

One of the church boats.

After the landing, bus ride back and wild race for the changing room,
we had lunch and a short challenge from my Dad.

On the bus ride back every one took a nap except me and the driver.

Over all it was a very fun, exciting trip and I would
definitely go again.

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Ashley said...

Boy, it sure sounds like you had a blast Bethany!! Makes me want to go rafting NOW!